Sunday, September 11, 2005

Went out and pre-rode the course with some guys this morning. I drove out to Folsom (about 30 mins away) and when i got there, realized I didnt bring my cycling shoes. So i did the 2.5+ hour ride in my running shoes on my Candy pedals, that was tough. By the end of the ride, my calves were sore, my quads were sore, and my feet were sore. Plus, during the whole ride I was unable to really "ride" aggressively because my shoes kept slipping off of the pedals etc. So that combined with my early ride flat, which consumed all of my instant/speed patches without solving the air leak--leading to the borrowing/stealing of another's tube and then another flat on the other wheel just as we got into the parking lot where my car was parked made for some excitement.

Other than those issues, the ride was really good. I got a good look at the course for next week, and will probably go back again on maybe like wednesday or thursday to pre ride it again, this time with my correct shoes.

Also, picked up some Mr. Tuffy tire liners for my wheels. I always have stayed away from them due to their added weight. But now, I figure that they arent going to be my race wheels, but my training wheels anyway, why not have some extra weight on there---itll only make my new race wheels that much lighter.

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