Friday, February 01, 2008

KCNC Skewers

KCNC has just come out with some new super lightweight quick release skewers.

ROAD and MTB Skewers

a. Skewers lever material - made from 7075 AL with KCNC hollow patented design

b. Axle – 6/4 Titanium with two stainless steel springs

c. Colours available - Black,Blue,Green,Silver,Red, Gold (not pictured).

d. Road Skewer Front length - 100mm, Rear length - 130mm, Weight - 42g.

e. MTB Skewer Front length - 100mm, Rear length - 135mm, Weight - 44g,

Price: $65 with free shipping in the USA. Will ship internationally for extra dollars.

Email me at plusonelap @ if your interested in purchasing.

These will be available around the end of March 08. Thanks