Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Cyclocross video

via Roadbikereview


Got both "new" brake levers installed last night as well retro-awesome Suntour barcons. Brake cables are the same color now, yea!

Bar tape is a little chunkier than I like, but better than cloth tape as far as comfort goes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raleigh: Downtube painted

I wanted to do a full repaint before cross season, but seeing as I need to ride this bike daily, a full repaint is tricky.

The downtube on the Raleigh was heavily rusted, so after work yesterday, I sanded the downtube to bare metal, primed it and sprayed it black. It actually came out really nice (never underestimate a new coat of paint). I’m considering powdercoating, but don’t want to pay $100 to have it done. I have about $250 into the bike as it is now.

Will probably just ride it as is, will build up another bike that I can ride home from work and do the full bike at some point.

Also mounted the “New” pedals last night.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This weekend's plan:

Swap wheelset with Dura Ace wheels
New SRAM 8 speed 11/28 cassette
Install new SRAM chain
Swap 53 tooth ring with 46 tooth large ring
Install Suntour Bar end shifters
Install Dura Ace non-aero brake levers
All new shift and brake cables/housing
Sand/Polish stripped saddle
Sand/Paint downtube which is rusty
Install Time ATAC pedals

Bryan's Bianchi Cyclocross conversion

Bryan sent me some photos of his Bianchi conversion which started out as a road bike. He powdercoated a Salsa stem to match. For anyone out there considering such a conversion, maybe this will you push you over the edge.


Love your site and your Colnago and Raleigh builds. I thought maybe you'd like to see my bike of a similar nature. It started life as a Bianchi Nuovo Racer with a nice wide flat fork crown that I stripped down, brazed on canti studs and powdercoated. It's got a full build of 9-speed Dura Ace with XT brakes. Don’t worry, I’ve got other wheels, I just liked the looks of these for the photo! It’s a reasonable weight of an honest 21 pounds ready to ride.

It’s not my regular race bike, but does see use in our weekly series. It also has full fenders and a rack colored to match for commuting and some good randonneur style. It’s pretty much a perfect multi-use bike!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Frugal Tip: 110 BCD's are your friend

130 BCD cranks are the norm in road bikes. However, finding cyclocross friendly chainrings (44, 46, 48) are not so easy in this size.

If you think $35 for a single chainring is reasonable, stop reading. LEAVE!

Personally, I think $10-$15 is a better price for a ring. You can find 110 BCD rings in the cross friendly size of 44, 46, 48 much easier. Many of these are "BMX" rings which is bonus because they often come in cool anodized colors. Many mountain bike cranks are 110 BCD too.

Cross bikes are supposed to be frankensteins, so go find that old mtb crank at the LBS or bike co-op and pair it with a BMX ring. You'll save some dollars.

Here are a bunch of 46 tooth rings in the 110 BCD pattern: link

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic: Nishiki Singlespeed

I miss that old bike. link

Sold it 3 years ago, emailed the owner today out of the blue and she said:

Yes, my husband uses it almost daily (depending on the weather).  He loves it.  He actually rode it to work today.

That makes me feel a little better.