Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is what I learned this cyclocross season...

I learned that the Portland cyclocross scene is pretty badass. That the competition is super stiff and fast. That singlespeed racing is tough but that it is fun. And wondering what gearing to use is pretty much over when the gun goes off---its just slog it out and go time. That "go time" means something different in Portland than it does in Sacramento. That training like a few hours a week on a base of little training doesnt equal a very good placing or very strong legs.

I learned that being on a team is fun and that teammates cheering can often push you harder than you might have pushed yourself. That beer and cyclocross really do together like peanut butter and chocolate as well as mud and cyclocross. Getting lapped sucks, but getting lapped twice in the same race by the same guy blows. That steel is real.

That I have to enter the next season in better shape to slog it out with the Portland masses.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Light Cross Bike #28: Jim's BMC

I've always like the look of the BMC Cross machine. Its got those now classic BMC Seat Tube "lugs". Thanks for sending this one in Jim!

BMC Cross Machine CX01

Easton EC90 Fork

Ritchey WCS Carbon Headset

FSA SLK Compact Megaexo 36/46 Cranks & BB

Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals

Dura Ace Front and Rear Derailleurs

Dura Ace Chain

Dura Ace 12-25 Cassette

Dura Ace Levers/Shifters

Spooky Brakes w/Ritchey Pads

Mavic Ksyrium ES Rims & Hubs

Maxxis Mimo Larsen Tires

Easton EC 90 Equipe Carbon Bars

Tune (Gold) Stem

Tune (Gold) Seat Post

Selle Italia SLR/XC Saddle

I am not a racer, but enjoy fast recreational rides and never know what type of terrain I am going to ride depending on my mood. So last year I bought my first crosser, an entry level bike from a major manufacturer and while the bike was a blast to ride I wanted something better. After much searching and talking to racers and other riders I decided to purchase the Cross Machine and build it up.

I have been quite impressed with the snappy and lively ride. The bike draws attention from fellow cyclists wherever I go with it as there are not many BMC’s around these parts and the frame design certainly stands apart from anything else out there.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and want you to know that your site was a great help in deciding how to build this bike up. Keep up the great work!!!!

Thanks again Jim! If anyone out there has a sick Cross bike send it to me at plusonelap @ gmail dot com.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Mexico State Championships

So I received an email that my fiancee's cousin just won the under 16 New Mexico Cyclocross State Champs! Congratulations Ben! His race report will soon follow...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Light Cross Bike #27: Tony's Ridley

Another lightweight Ridley cyclocross bike for the gallery. I like the looks of these things.

Hey Jeremy, here’s my Ridley. This build came in at 16.55lbs. The other pic is with back up wheels . Helium Tubies with Challenge grifo 34’s. Look forward to seeing my ride on PlusOne.

Build list

Ridley Crosswind 2007

FSA integrated headset

Ritchey WCS stem 110

Ritchey BIOMax 44cm

Dura Ace 7700 shifter/brake levers

Dura Ace Rear/Front der.

Dura Ace 12-27 cassette

FSA Carbon Compact Cranks 50/42

Eggbeater 3Ti pedals

American Classic BB 108

Bontrager XXX Carbon seatpost

Specialized Toupe 143 saddle

4ZA seat collar

4ZA Python Carbon fork

Spooky brakes / SwissStop yellow pads

Zipp 303 wheels Sapim spokes / CX ray Tufo Flexus 32’s

Backup wheels: Helium Tubies with Challenge Grifo 34’s

Tufo Flexus 32

Thanks Tony, if any readers have a sub 18lb rig or a custom made cyclocross bike send me an email at

Its been a long time coming

Yeah, so Ive been absent. What with a new job and a school schedule thats kept me busy as well, I haven't had much time for all that is cross. But I am still here, nothing's catastrophically happened to me, I just needed to shift some of my time to other endeavors. I got some stuff to post on +1lap in the near future though, so come back.