Monday, September 19, 2005

Homemade Cyclocross Barriers

Made some Barriers:

well i made some barriers last spring out of wood, two heights, one to practice my bunny hops and the other reg height. Then i moved and i think i left them at the old place.

After seeing the link to the Boston Cross PVC barriersI was inspired to make a new set--this time out of PVC.

I tweaked the design a tad from Boston Cross, because i didnt want them staked into the ground, but rather to sit on the ground so that i could put them on cement, hard pack firetrails etc. Total cost for 3=$9 at my local OSH. and 30 mins labor (thats with just a hand saw to cut the pipes.) Only one ended up being exactly reg height at 40 cm, but the others are 39cm and 39.5 cm. Pretty darn close for practice.

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