Friday, September 09, 2005

I just bought a "new to me" cyclocross bike, a black 56cm Trek with full Ultegra, that I've named Lafawnduh. She didnt come with wheels, but i had a pair of Mavic Reflex clinchers mounted on Dura Ace hubs that will work very well. I picked her up for $597 shipped, add the $70 i spent on the wheels and not a bad bike for $667 (supposedly, this bike retailed for $1200 or so). I intend to use her as my pit bike. I had several mechanicals last year (part of the learning process of doing your own wrenching) and having this as a pit bike will be very nice insurance. The pic above is from the ad that I saw on . I will swap out some of the parts, add a seatpost and saddle (ofcourse) and she'll be set to ride. The drivetrain Gruppo is nicer than that on my "race" bike, Candice, but being as the season is set to begin in 10 days, i dont want to tear apart 2 bikes that work very well as this point in order to upgrade Candice's drivetrain. That sounds like a project for the end of the season. At that time, I'll swap the rear derailleur, STI's, and maybe the crankset.

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