Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handmade Cyclocross Bike: Adam's Miles Cycle

This is cool, some posh components on a rusty custom made frame! Check out below...

"Hello! Wanted to submit my cyclocross bike to your gallery.

Handmade by my good friend Joshua Thayer in the sketchiest part of San Francisco: Hunters Point! He works under the name Miles Cycles but has never had any proper decals on his bikes. Its just a long time hobby.

Mix of Columbus tubing, fillet brazed. It was never painted as I was too impatient to get out and ride the thing, and havent been able to part with it long enough to strip it down and have it taken care of. Hence the rusty finish (note how my legs keep the top tube nice and shiny!)

Wound up CX fork
Chris King cross hubs laced to Ceramic Open Pro's
Paul Neo Retro brakes front, Touring canti rear.
Paul CX levers
Paul Moon unit hangers
FSA SLK Pro carbon crank, bashguard and TA 42t ring
Campy Record 9 spd shifters
Deda Newton Shallow bars
Deda Newton stem
XTR Shadow mid cage rear derailleur
XT 11-32 Cassette
Jtek shiftmate
Thomson Post
TI Rolls saddle
Time ATAC XS Pedals
WTB 700x38 Interwolf front
WTB 700x32 Crosswolf rear
Crank Bros Cobalt SL direct set

20.5 lbs"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

KCNC Skewers still available

If you saw on Nathan's Stigmata he was running the KCNC skewers which weigh a scant 45 grams for the pair (about 80 grams lighter than Dura-Ace for the WW's among us).

taken by Nathan

Plus, if you're in the market for a new pair of top of the line skewers, Salsa Ti's will set you back $70, or the USE SpinStix for $75 both without shipping.

I still have a few sets of the KCNC skewers for sale they are $65 shipped to the Continental USA.* They are titanium axles and aluminum levers.



*International orders will pay a few more dollars for shipping depending on the country.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lightweight Cyclocross Bike: Bill's October

Well here's a contribution for both the lightweight and hand made galleries. This wonderful custom Ti frame was created by my good friend Andrew at October Hand Made in Lynn, MA (

It weighs less than 18 pounds but I can't remember exactly how much. This bike really rocks! It has just the right balance of stiffness and flexibility to make even the toughest courses comfortable. It's very agile yet stable in tricky situations. I was fortunate enough that Andrew let me have a lot input on the bike. He humored me through the process.

Frame - 3-2.5 Titanium frame with integrated seatmast
Fork - Alpha Q CX
Headset - Chris King Devolution
Bars - FSA Wing Pro compact
Stem - FSA OS-115
Saddle - SLR
Cranks set - Dura-Ace 42T with ring guard and 3rd eye watcher
Bottom Bracket - Dura-Ace
Shifters - Campagnolo Centaur 10 spd
Chain - Campagnolo Chorus
Cassette - Campagnolo Chorus 13-26
Rear Derailleur - Campagnolo Centaur
Wheels - ROL D'Huez
Tires - Depending on conditions
Brakes - Paul
Pedals - Shimano SPD