Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday September 14th 2005

I received LaFawnduh today! Very excited. Just got done building her up and cleaning her out, tuning derailleurs etc. Did some measurements on Candice to help me dial in the right position on the new girl before I even took her for a ride. That worked quite well. Measurements i took were: Top tube C-c, seat tube c-c, bb to saddle rails, saddle tip to center of handlebar and stem length. The two frames are very similarly sized Candice is .5 cm longer in the top tube, and 1.5 cm longer in the seat tube. Its not perfect, ideally, because Candice is dialed into my body very well, id want my pit bike to be identical, but thats tough to do when you dont buy the same frame or have one/both custom made.

Also, I've went on a little buying spree in the last few days. Got another lightly used set of Tufo CX Tubulars on ebay for $55 for the pair, paid $160 for a barely used Ultegra gruppo containing ultegra STI levers, 9 spd rear derailleur, front derailleur, 105 12/25 cassette and ultegra brakeset--through craigslist. Theres more too, like 2 new cassettes, the wheel build at my LBS (thats a story for another day), etc.

The season starts this Sunday for me, been down with a little virus the last couple of days, but am going to go for a cx ride tonite.

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