Monday, September 26, 2005

Folsom Point Cyclocross race report:

I thought i might be more tired after the Negro bar race the day before, but upon waking on sunday morning i was feeling okay. The race was less organized than the previous day with the course about 30% staked out at the start of registration. But it came together. I really liked the course---it had a lot of climbing involved, some sand, descents, and a good amount of pavement.

The race started with a long hill climb to spread out the pack. At the top of the hill, i was 4th place (of 12) and about a minute later i was in 5th place. Again, like the day before, about 20+ minutes into the race i got caught by the racer behind me, but i ended up finishing strong and staying in front of that guy. I actually caught way up to the racer in front of me (i learned later that he crashed). I liked the Folsom Point course better than Negro bar because it felt more open (the laps were really long) we went around i think 4 times for a 30 min race---laps were taking our Mens C group about 7 minutes to complete.

Men C’s
Jeff Mitchell, Rio Strada, 26:33
Joshua Carling, 26:44
Ted Hatch, 27:01
Ryan Wenker, 28:04
Jeremy Burlingame, 28:11
Jack Sargeant,, 28:25
Ryan Clark, Key Dollar Cab, 30:16
Geoff James, 30:40
Bob Rolke, TBB, 31:01
Jacob Otsuka, 36:10

Im feeling after this weekend, that my fitness is fairly decent, if i can make some improvements in technique and becoming more comfortable riding more technical stuff at higher speeds i will be able to move up at least one or two places in the pack. It seems that its the technical stuff where i lose more time to people than the fitness/aerobic areas.

Im going to try and race up in Reno this weekend.

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