Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Custom Cross Bike #9: Daniel's Kelly

Finally a Kelly for the gallery, surprised this didn't happen sooner. Chris Kelly is a great guy and this bike looks to be great as well. I love bikes with an apparent color theme---and blue is a good color.

Daniels said: "Attached are some pics of my Kelly Knobbie X. I Actually built it up over a year ago, so it is not particularly new anymore - It's been raced one season and is about ready to start up a second.

Here are the highlights
Kelly Knobby X - built with True Temper OX platinum
Kelly Steel Cross Fork
Chris King Headset
Chris King Hubs built on DT RR.1 rims and Hutchinson Pro Tires (using the Stans no tubes system)
Paul Brakes
9spd Ultegra derailers and Shifters
Ritchey WCS stem, cranks and bars.
Easton seatpost and WTB speed v seat.

The bike rides great - I'm really disappointed that Chris Kelly decided to close up shop as his bikes ride like a dream.

If you post my bike in your gallery, I'd love to see it.

btw: I heard you are in PDX - Welcome to town."

Thanks Daniel. I'll be towing the line with this bike this Saturday as the Singlespeeds and Mens B go off within a minute of each other.

If you have a Handmade/Custom Cyclocross bike, email me the photos and build list to plusonelap@gmail.com and I'll post it to +1lap.com

Monday, September 25, 2006

Light Cross Bike #22: Chris' Ridley

Another Ridley for the Lightweight gallery. This one weighs only 16.97 pounds.

2007 Ridley Supercross (58cm) w/ full carbon Python fork
FSA K-force carbon handlebars (31.8/44cm)
FSA K-force carbon stem (120mm)
FSA K-force carbon seatpost
Dura-Ace 10spd rear shifter
Shimano BL-600 Brake Lever
Dura-Ace 10spd Cranks
FSA 44T chainring
Cyclocrossworld Wetzikin chainguard
Jump Start chain deflector
Dura-Ace 10spd rear derailleur
Ultegra 12-27 cassette
Bontrager XXX-Lite carbon tubular wheels
Tufo Elite LPS tires (30mm)
Crank Brothers 2-Ti Eggbeater pedals
Empella Frog Leg Canti brakes
Empella top mount brake levers
SwissStop brake pads
IRD extra long cable hanger
Fizik Arione saddle
Dura-Ace brake cables/housing
XTR teflon shifter cable/housing
Deda bar tape

Other: FSA RD-488 wheels with Dugast Rhino tubulars, Dura-Ace 12-25 10spd

Chris: "As I said, this weighed in at 16.97lbs. I was surprised since it' such a
large frame. It's a bit heavier with the FSA/Dugast setup which I use for
more technical courses. Thanks for the site!"

Chris' blog is at cgadventures.blogspot.com

Thanks for the submission Chris.

If anyone else has a sub 18 pound cyclocross bike email me at plusonelap@gmail.com and your bike and build list will promptly be posted on +1lap.

Light Cross Bike #21: Rob's Specialized

The first Specialized for the gallery is Rob's Specialized Tricross weighing in at 15.72 lbs.

S-works frame
easton bars/ seat post
FSA stem, Cranks 42 chain ring, Carbon seat.
Spooky carbon brakes and rings
Dugast cotton tires
Nimble Fly carbon rims.
Dura ace shifters, cassette and derailer.
candy ti pedals

magic weight 15.72 pounds

could get lighter with lighter cassette and a dummy
shifter on the single chainring set -up

If anyone else has a sub 18lb cyclocross rig, email it to me at plusonelap@gmail.com. Thanks Rob.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sacramento Cyclocross Results Race #2

The Sacramento CX series had their second race this weekend, results below

And a local racer with his race report and cool graphics, as pictured above at http://norcalcx.blogspot.com/index.html.

Sac Cx #2 Results

Sacramento Cyclocross #2: 9/24.06
Pena Adobe, Vacaville

Sponsored by Bicycle Planet
Voler Team Apparel
Clif Bar

Promoter: Monticello
Officials: Jeff Wu and Paula Mara

Men A’s: 1 hour, combined for all A’s

1. Rich Maile – 43 Art by Opsal
2. Dario Falquier – 34 Webcor/AltoVelo
3. Bob Delp - 38
4. Dan Sovereign, 45 East Sac B&B
5. Jim McDonald – 30 East Sac Bike
6. Roger Lackey 36 – Sycip Racing
7. Brian Mohrlant, 26 Team Metric
8. Steve Ouzovanian – 40 Missing Link
9. John Elgart 60
10. Jeremy Ferguson – 16 Sharp Bicycles
11. Bryan Pro – 28 – Team Spine
12. Eric Middleton - 45
13. Vance Ehlers – 28
14. Cody Kaiser – 14 Team Spine
15. Coleen Wanty
16. Robert Nelson – 36
17. Hank Mini – 57 – Mad Cat Cycles

Junior A:

1. Jeremy Ferguson 16 - Sharp Bicycles
2. Cody Kaiser – 14 Team Spine

Master 35 A:

1. Rich Maile, Art by Opsal
2. Bob Delp - 38
3. Roger Lackey 36 – Sycip Racing
4. Steve Ouzovanian – 40
5. Vance Ehlers – 28
6. Robert Nelson – 36

Master 45 A:

1. Dan Sovereign, 45 East Sac B&B
2. John Elgart, Webcor/AltoVelo 60
3. Eric Middleton
4. Hank Mini – 57 – Mad Cat Cycles

Women A’s/B’s: 45 minutes

1. Colleen Wanty – Luna Chix
2. Sarah Maile – A Ventana
3. Erin Kassoy – VeloBella
4. Andi Mackie - VeloBella
5. Joan Gregg – Cycling Training
6. Linda Elgart – A Webcor/ Velo

Women C’s: 30 minutes

1. Kristin Mortimore – Luna Chix
2. Sarah Piccolo – Nor Cal Velo
3. Jennifer Ascari
4. Erin Dennis – Velo Girls
5. Kristie Hamilton - Mikes
6. Nikki Reid – Bicycle Planet
7. Kim Natzel – Velo Girls
8. #479 Katherine Butler ?
9. Yvette Crockrell – Velo Bella
10. Sky Baucom-Pro -
11. Krystal Suffia
12. Lana Bjornsen

Junior C:

1. Krystal Suffia

Men Singlespeed Open, 45 minutes

1. Rich Maile – Artby Opsal
2. Mike Mathis – Bicycle Planet
3. Scott Clark
4. Mark Walsh
5. Hank Mini
6. Cody Kaiser
7. Mike Gomez

Men B Under 40, 45 minutes

1. Chris Brown – 32 Windsor Bike Center
2. Josh Hughes - 31
3. Joshua Carling – 24
4. Ron Rouse – 38 Rio Strada
5. Tod Paoletti - 32
6. Brunno Pitton - 26
7. Roy Steves - 37
8. Chris Coffee - 28
9. Josh Lerner -31
10. Jeffrey Galland 37
11. Dan Dixon - 38
12. Jeremy Ferguson -16
13. Paul Maciel
14. Bill Breslin - 33
15. Rob Braddock
16. Jon May - 17

Junior B:

1. Jeremy Ferguson -16
2. Jon May - 17

19-29 B

1. Joshua Carling, 24
2. Brunno Pitton – 26
3. Chris Coffee - 28

30-39 B

1. Chris Brown – 32 Windsor Bike Center
2. Josh Hughes - 31
3. Ron Rouse – 38 Rio Strada
4. Tod Paoletti - 32
5. Roy Steves - 37
6. Josh Lerner -31
7. Jeffrey Galland 37
8. Dan Dixon – 38
9. Paul Maciel
10. Bill Breslin - 33
11. Rob Braddock

Men B 40+, 45 minutes

1. James Allen - 44
2. Shane Huntoon – 42 Livermoore Cyclery
3. Jon Suzuki – 48 TrumerPils
4. John Kretschman – 41 Los Gatos
5. Bruce Kaiser – 50 – Sac Golden Wh
6. Lau Ackerman – 42 Chico Corsa/Fit One
7. Paul Falvey – 49 Athleti
8. John Seivert – 46 Ford Sierra Express
9. Greg Towers – 41
10. Steve Pass 56
11. Stephen Olechney 46
12. Hank Mini – 57
13. Mike MadDonald – 65
14. James Peters – 45
15. Rob Feldman – 51
16. John King - 45


1. James Allen - 44
2. Shane Huntoon – 42 Livermoore Cyclery
3. Jon Suzuki – 48 TrumerPils
4. John Kretschman – 41 Los Gatos
5. Lau Ackerman – 42 Chico Corsa/Fit One
6. Paul Falvey – 49 Athleti
7. John Seivert – 46 Ford Sierra Express
8. Greg Towers – 41
9. Stephen Olechney 46
10. James Peters – 45
11. John King - 45


1. Bruce Kaiser – 50
2. Steve Pass – 55
3. Hank Mini – 57
4. Rob Feldman – 51


1. Mike MadDonald – 65

Men C, 30 minutes

1. Josh Hitchcock
2. Devin Avery
3. Calvin Spivey – The Pedaler
4. Bryan Schenone
5. Brandon Zipp - UC Davis Tri
6. Ray Johnson
7. William Youngman
8. Ken Pepple
9. Rob Edmundston- Cycling Training
10. Eric Peterson
11. John Matoba – Rio Strada
12. Tom Farley
13. Charles McCann – Bicycle Planet
14. Alan Pavkovic – Mako Galaxy
15. Ryan Wenker
16. Cody Fike
17. James Whitney – Fusion Sport
18. Francis Goldsberry – Sac Golden
19. Jeff Boice
20. Jake Otsuka, Sticks and Stones
21. Jonathan Clay
22. Kevin Brownfield
23. Jim McDonald

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Light Cross Bike #20: Thijs' Cannondale

Another lightweight cross bike for the gallery and to drool over. Pretty nice Cannondale build.


Frame: Cannondale CAAD9 SI Cyclocross
Fork: Easton EC90X
Wheels: Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Aero
Tyres: Dugast Typhoon 34mm tubes

Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SI (alu)
Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace 10spd
Rear der: Shimano Dura Ace 10spd
Front der: Shimano Dura Ace 10spd
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 10 spd
Chain: Shimano Dura Ace 10spd
Brakes: Spooky alu
Brakepads: Swissstop RAT

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR
Seatpost: Easton EC70 Zero
Handlebar: Easton EA70 Wing
Stem: Cannondale C3
Pedals: Crankbrothers Eggbeaters SL
Handlebar tape: Deda black-carbon

Weight is 7,8 kg or about 17,1 pounds.

If you have a sub 18lb cross bike, email me the photos and build list to plusonelap@gmail.com and it'll be posted to the +1lap gallery too.

Friday, September 22, 2006

A new fork to lust for

Interbike being only days away, and we already have something to add to our list of things we'll always want but never actually buy.....the new Alpha Q CX20 fork. Lighter and supposedly reduced brake chatter is what the CX20 offers over the previous model.

Although it looks a little funky with the reverse curved legs, its kinda cool. If youre saving for your kid's braces or college...crooked teeth are the new black and just tell Timmy to be good in a ball sport as his ticket into higher education...this fork is $569.

Maybe this means we can get the "old" and "heavy" predecessor for peanuts?

FWIW, I like the color scheme.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Im not OCD

Im really not OCD. Anyone whose seen the inside of my car will attest to that. But yesterday I added a little more blue accent to my Dura Ace cranks.



If it gets screwed up during the season, oh well, I'm not going to touch it up. But was bored and thought this looked cool.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Singlespeed: Thats better

Yeah so posted my SS CX bike a week ago or so, here. Well, its more "done" now. New stem, Cinelli Grammo. Also added a homemade chain tensioner, new brake pads, via Helvetia Sports, the Swisstop Rats.

The rear wheel is new too, redished and respaced to be used singlespeed. I still need to glue it on, its in the strech process.

I think it looks a lot better, and with the homemade chain tensioner, I can run various chainrings and cogs without strife.

btw---20.7 lbs total.

BUT....The wheels are pretty light. My old training clinchers weighed 2950 grams total (wheels, tires, tubes, gear, skewers)

This new pair weigh 2262 grams (1.51 lbs lighter)!! Thats a lot.

note: front tubular not shown in pictures above.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

1944 Cyclocross video

Tripping around the web the other night, I came across this 1944 Cyclocross video in French. Pretty cool.
Link to video

via Brian Ellin's blog.
I dont think I've ever seen a cross video from so long ago. Anyone know what its saying?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cyclocross Tshirts!

The Plus One Lap Cyclocross tshirt for 2006 is here!

Order now, the first batch has limited availability, get yours before your first race and before they sell out.

$13 plus shipping.

Click to purchase.

They are preshrunk and the sizing runs very true.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sacramento Cyclocross series starts this weekend.

Sacramento, my cx alma mater, is having their first cyclocross race this weekend. The series kicks off with the Folsom Rodeo. I did it last year, and found it to be pretty challenging, that is until my wheels flatted. There were a lot of flats there last year. I wouldn't show up unless you're running rim strips or Tufo Slime in your wheels.

Series link.

Sunday, September 17 Race Folsom Rodeo, Folsom CA
Sunday, September 24 Race Lagoon Valley, Vacaville, CA
Saturday, September 30 Race Gateway Park, Penn Valley, CA

Sunday, October 15 Race Howard Park, Ione, CA Saturday x2 points
Saturday, October 21 Race Rancho Seco, Herald, CA
Saturday, October 28 Race Negro Bar, Folsom CA (Halloween Theme)

Saturday, November 04 Race Granite Bay Beach, Folsom, CA
Saturday, November 11 Race Rancho Seco, Herald, CA
Saturday, November 18 Race Condon Park, Grass Valley, CA

Saturday, December 2 Race Granite Park, Sacramento, CA

Bonus: is that this year there will be 2 Giant bikes given away to the male and female with the most points amongst the A's and B's.

Note: photo above, taken by myself of a B racer and friend at the Folsom Rodeo a year ago. The bike is the Custom Cross #4 Rocklobster.

Lightweight Cross Bike #19: Craig's Voodoo

Another Titanium rig located here in Portland for the lightweight gallery, is this sweet titanium Voodoo cyclocross bike.

Frame: Voodoo Loa Titanium, 53 cm
Fork: Morati Titanium
Headset: Chris King
Bars: Salsa Short 'n Shallow
Stem: ITM Road Race
Brakes: SRP Mr. Grumpy
Wheels: Cane Creek Tubular, ti spokes
Tires: Tufo Elite LPS
Cranks: Race Face Forged
Shifters: Campy Centaur 10 speed
Derailleurs: Campy Centaur 10 speed
Saddle: Serfas Aria
Seatpost: Syncros
Pedals: Time ATAC Carbon

Weight: 17.5 pounds

Thanks for the bike pics, Craig. I like the silver/ti theme of the bike.

If anyone else has a sub 18lb cyclocross bike or a custom made cyclocross bike they want to show the readers of +1lap, send some pictures and a build list to plusonelap@gmail.com

Lightweight Cross Bike #18: SGK's Ridley

Another Ridley for the light gallery, looks ready to race in the Pac NW.

Frame: Ridley Supercross, 50cm
Fork: Ritchey WCS Carbon
Bars: Ritchey WCS Carbon 44cm
Stem: Ritchey WCS
Headset: FSA Integrated
Brake/shift Levers: Shimano Dura Ace 9spd
Brakes: 4ZA
Seat Post: Thompson
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR
Crank Set: Shimano Ultegra
Chain Rings: Ultegra
Bottom Bracket: Ultegra Octalink
Pedals: Crank Brothers Ti
Chain: Sram
Rear Derailleur: Ultegra
Cassette: Ultegra 12-25, 12-27
Hubs Frt & Rr: Mavic 601
Rims Frt & Rr: mavic Reflex Ceramic, Kysrium SUP
Tires: Challenge Grifo
Bar Tape: Cinelli

SGK says it weighs 17.33 when "really" clean.

Thanks for the pics and build list, if you have a sub 18 pound cyclocross bike, email it to me at plusonelap@gmail.com

Friday, September 08, 2006

That light Rocklobster is done

I posted pics up of Greg's Rocklobster before the paint and parts went on it. Well, he's got it done and it looks great. Paul's got skillz.

Looks light:

Alpha Q fork
FSA Carbon wheels
DA cranks
Ritchey WCS stem
Time ATAC pedals
Arione Saddle
Thomson seatpost
Challenge Grifo tires
Frogglegg Brakes
King Headset

Dual Gallery bike #8 and #17: Daniel's Ellsworth

Another cool rig to post up to the Plus One Lap Handbuilt Gallery. This one is Daniel's Ellsworth. The first Ellsworth to the gallery, this one's actually a dual gallery bike too, as it weighs in at 17.25 lbs.

He said,"Thought readers might get a kick out of this one-off Ellsworth Cross bike. Sort of a cross (heh) between an Ellsworth Roots and their Sub-22 mountain frame. Pics attached. Here are the specs (and no, it is not for sale):

Easton Elite tubing (custom drawn for Ellsworth)
50 cm seat tube, ctc
57 cm top tube, ctc
12.5" BB height (yow)
17.25 lbs. built
Dura-Ace 9 spd. right shifter (with fron/back brakes switched like a real cross bike and in keeping with my motocross background)
Dura-Ace non-STI left brake lever
Paul cross levers
9 spd. XTR rear der. (no front), 12-27 Ultegra cassette
single 42 chainring w/ Spot inner and Cyclocrossworld.com outer guards
Carbon Lord 172.5 mm cranks and FSA bottom bracket
Woundup full-carbon fork
Ritchey WCS stem, 100 mm
Cane Creek non-integrated headset
Thomson Elite post, 27.2 mm
Selle Italia Flight Gel saddle
Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels
Tufo Elite LPS tubeless tubular clincher tires
Coolest feature of all: bottom bracket is engraved "Prototype A"

Three of these ever made. Only two out in the world--Tony Ellsworth kept one for himself. Crazy geometry, but works for me. I'm 5' 10" with a long torso. This is like a compact frame, but with a level top-tube for easy portage. Overall ride amazing. Never had a bike that so reads my mind in terms of handling. I'm not the best barrier bunny-hopper, but this bike makes it pretty straightforward. Rides exactly like a high-end hardtail mountainbike off road and sprints like a road bike on. That rear triangle is something special. Supple yet unbelievably stiff. I'm really stoked about the start of the season.

Cool site. Happy to be able to have my bike hanging out with those other sweet rigs.


Thanks Daniel! Yeah I'm getting excited about the season too, and I like your homemade barrier, looks solid.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Usenet archives

Surfing the web for an article I read a few years ago (and still havent refound), I refound something else I read a few years ago. Its an archive of some pretty cool discussions between some guys like Sheldon Brown, Jobst Brandt etc.

Like, "MACHINED RIMS! This has got to be the stupidest idea since hard anodizing. My rims are machined the first time I ride in the rain, and who needs it. Rims have been made without machining certainly for more than 50 years with imperceptible joints."--Jobst Brandt

{link to the UseNet archives}

From fork failures to tire aging, these guys discussed a lot of things. These archives are from the rec.bicycles newsgroups of the mid to late 90's, but still a lot of good info there.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video: Dismounts, Remounts and bunnyhopping

Recently, I posted some links on how to's for remounting and bunnyhopping. Thought I'd dig up a video I shot last season to show this in CX action. More vid links, click "more..." below.

Note: If you click directly on the "play" button in the middle, it will play in the current window, if you click somewhere on the image it will take you to the YouTube page and will play a little larger on their site.

Rich Maile's in white, they duked it out for nearly the entire race, it was fun to watch.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

How to: Glue your tires Belgian style

The only real excuse for not using tubular tires for cyclocross is that you dont know or are afraid of how to glue them on. Glue? Hows that supposed to hold a tire you might ask?

Well, Velonews wrote up a good little piece on how to do it right.
[via: VeloNews]

"All of the top guys in Europe use this method," he says. "The tape makes a bond that is much better and the chances of rolling a tire are next to nil."

So now, go out there and find yourself some tubular wheels, some Tufo tires and get your glue on. The season is soon.

The lightest cyclocross frame ever?

I got an email a few days ago from a German I know through a forum that he was getting in a superlight cross bike prototype, and that pictures would be sent my way a few days later...

...well they came, and this is light. 1144 grams for a 56c. Thats really light. My 2005 Sworks Tricross weighed 1440 for a 56 frame. This is over a pound lighter than that!

Pretty sick, hopefully it'll hold up to the abuse, and is not a one race machine.