Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bikepacking build: Trek 800 Sport

Decided to build up a bikepacking rig to do some overnighters with.

Went down to my local bike co-op and picked up this old Trek 800 Sport for $5. They had a lot of old frames to choose from, but I wanted it to A) be my size B) made out of steel C) use a 1 1/8" steering tube.

Regarding C above: it's nearly impossible to find an aftermarket 26" fork with 1" steerer tube. So finding one that used the 1 1/8" would give me more fork options.

Frame was in pretty decent shape, not much rust, but decided to paint it anyway. Used an electric hand sander to take off the decals. Burned off some of the thicker decals and the chain stay protector.

Then used the Krud Kutter to take off the grease and dust.

Some light gray primer, then sprayed with metallic gray paint:

Then began looking for a proper fork to use. This Surly Troll fork comes in non-suspension adjusted, 26" and is built for bike packing with a shit ton of braze ons. Personally, I think its the ugliest thing I've ever seen. The braze ons remind me of open sores on a lepper, but I suppose they will come in handy.

I'm going to run a disc front brake and V rear. Purchased the Avid BB7 brake caliper

Trek downtube decals were ordered off eBay, having a couple custom decals made as well. And ordered an 80s gold Trek headbadge decal.

More to come...