Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So, Im using tubular wheels now with Tufo Prestige 32mm tires. I raced with them on both races this last weekend as well as a couple training rides before that, and am very happy with them. They are a lot lighter than my clinchers and they ride a lot nicer as well. Im still getting used to lowering the pressure down, but I'll come up with the "right" pressure soon enough with some experience. The specs are:

Front wheel:
hub: Hershey Naked 32h
spokes: DT 2.0/1.8
rim: Sun m19AII

Rear Wheel:
hub: American Classic 32h
spokes: Wheelsmith 2.0/1.8
nips: brass
rim: matrix iso

The rims are very similiar in style (semi aero, lack of eyelets) rim weights were 383 for the front Sun and 404 for the Matrix.

Total wheel weight without tires was 1575 grams with tires it was 2388 grams

Now, im looking at building up another set. Thinking of a little more racier set up, lighter weight, higher bling etc. For the bling-factor im looking at making them all gold.

Thus far ive got the rims i wanna use....gold Mavic Or-10's bought off ebay for $75 for the pair plus shipping. They weigh in at 345 a rim, which in total should be about 97 grams lighter than my current wheelset.

hubs: thinking of the American Classic micro 58 front hub, reanondized in a gold/yellow to match the rims. For the rear considering the Tune mig190's in gold.

Nipples would be alloy nips in...gold.

and the spokes im considering are the DT REvo 2.0/1.5's

Im looking at build weight of around 1243 grams, which is 332 grams lighter or .75 lbs. Fairly significant weight to reduce from rotating mass.

im thinking of the Tufo Elite Yellow tires for the rubber.

It would be a wheelset lighter than Zipp 404's and total cost would end up around $500. Which is a lot. For only another $300 or so i could actually get the Zipps. Thr only problem is, i dont consider myself a good enough cx'er to toe the line with a set of carbon deep dish CX wheels. Id be the mayor of Poserville. With this wheelset, i'd get a very light and cool looking set of wheels that could slip under the radar. Also, I really want to build these myself.

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