Monday, September 26, 2005

September 26th 2005: The Double Weekend

This last weekend was a CX double here in Sacramento---Negro Bar on saturday and Folsom point on Sunday.

Negro bar: Upon arrival at 8am, the course was 90% laid out already which was nice, because before registration was even open, I was able to go walk sections of the course that looked more challenging. I entered the Men's C race and it had a start list of 13 men. Off the start I was in the top 3, then at the first tricky section i was down to about 7th or so. Im not sure why this really happened, I think i was concerned about going out too hard or i was in an oxygen debt after the quick start, but it was more a fitness thing than a technique issue which is interesting for me. I always find it interesting how different racers have different strengths and weaknesses, so you have this accordion effect with those other racers around you. At the mid way point, i must have slowed downm because the guy in front of me left me, and the guys behind me caught up to me. Then, something happened and I began making time on the guy in front of me. As a result, the guys behind me got dropped. I ended up catching that last guy with about a lap to go, so that was pretty exciting for me, as i felt like i ended on a high note. Ended up 6th out of a starting 13, so i felt good about that.

Bruno Pitton 30:13
Jack Sargeant,, 30:45
Ron Rouse, Rio Strada 30:46
Jeff Mitchell, Rio Strada, 30:47
Ryan Wenker 30:59
Jeremy Burlingame, 32:14
Reese Gary, 32:29
Ryan Clark, 32:58
Kurt Weidmann, 32:08
Ross Stewart, Bicycle Planet, 31:20
Kevin Tse, Team City, 34:00
Bill Youngman34:50
Tim Warriner, 31:28 @ 4 laps.

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