Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Sept 19th 2005: Race Report #1 Folsom Rodeo Grounds

So, a fairly nice day for a cross race, not incredibly hot, sunny though. The course was very technical. Lots of single track, two run ups, a couple steep descents, made for a tough day. And although the organizers did their best at cleaning/grooming the course, there were a lot of flats.

My race began at 12:45, Mens B's, due to the large field, the group was split into 40 and under and 40 and above. After half a lap, I felt like I had a slow leak in my rear tire (wheres the love Mr. Tuffy?). I made a fairly quick bike change, and started off again. After another 3/4 of a lap, the handlebars on Lafawnduh loosened up and my race was done---about 6 minutes after it started. I was fairly dissapointed with it, having two bikes you wouldnt expect to have a DNF due to a mechanical, but I did.

Next week is Negro Bar on Saturday and Folsom Point on Sunday. I am planning on doing both of those races, and i like the course that was set up on each last year. Im shooting for a more redemptive race this next weekend. I also plan to be riding on tubulars for the first time in a race this weekend. Im supposed to pickup my rear wheel from Steve Rex's tomorrow. I'll have a spare bike next weekend (that has tight handlebars), tubs on my race bike and a spare wheelset as well. Hopefully, with all of that, I wont have any issues and a smooth race will ensue.

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