Friday, January 25, 2008

Make $$ in the +1lap Affiliates Referral Program

Hey all, in case you needed another good reason to buy your KCNC brakes from me instead of anyone else out there on the internet this is it: the +1lap affiliates referral program.

This is the deal: anyone who buys a pair of KCNC brakes from +1lap at the MSRP of $300 will be eligible to be enrolled in the affiliates program. What is it?

You will earn $10 for every friend you send to me that also buys a set of KCNC brakes and says that you sent them. Yes exactly, $10 for every referral you send me that buys a set of brakes. I will send you your referral bonus via Paypal immediately after your friend buys a pair.

To sweeten the pot, I will send another $50 to you after you refer the sale of 20 pairs of brakes.

Your friend also becomes eligible to be enrolled in the affiliates program as well. This is a selling point that you can mention to them when they weigh their options about where to purchase these fine braking instruments. No other cycling retailer I know of offers this wonderful opportunity.

Pyramid scheme? Hardly. I will send out the dough immediately to you once the purchase is made. Think of it as my advertising campaign. Amazon does it.

To enroll, you must first purchase a set of the KCNC brakes yourself and then ask to be placed in the affiliates system.

Refer the sale of 25 brakes and you make back the $300 you spent on your own pair!

Email me at plusonelap at gmail dot com with questions.

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