Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catalog scan of my Colnago

BTW---not sure if I posted this before, but found this scan of a Colnago catalog from 1988. And I think its my bike.

There are many Colnago's out there. With very small deviations in each model.

Why do I think this is mine?

  1. The right chainstay and rear dropouts are chromed.
  2. Fork is chromed (my bike has a chrome under the white, but I had them powdercoat over it because the chrome was in very bad shape).
  3. The fork crown has the C with the clover inside of it.
  4. 2 cable guides on the top tube.
  5. Non fluted seat stays with the Colnago panto'd into them.

Thats about it. I haven't found another Colnago that had all of that in common with my frame. As I can see now, my decals aren't "accurate" for the Super Sprint. But thats okay with me. I love the poser WC stripes. I'm not worried anyone's going to confuse me with a World Champ anyway.

If anyone has any information about the 1988 Super Sprint such as a price list etc, that'd be great. Email me at plusonelap at gmail dot com


erikv said...

Cool. Where'd you find the catalog scans archive?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Nils Kristofersson said...

Does it have "sprint" engraved on the bb shell? It should to be a sprint, I think.
Nils Kristofersson, Sweden

Jeremy Burlingame said...

nope, no Sprint script. Just the clover cut out and "colnago"