Sunday, January 06, 2008

Colnago: Done

Finally built her up last week and was able to snap some shots this weekend. She's been built for some time now, but I didnt want to post pics until every last detail was in place.

Even so, there are a few things that are still on the way or in the works to make this beauty queen even more glamorous. But this will do for now.

Frame and fork: Colnago
Shifters: Ultegra STI
Front and rear deraileur: Dura Ace
Cranks: Dura Ace
Wheels: Araya
Pedals: Crank Brothers Eggbeaters
Brakes: Paul Neo Retro front and Touring rear
Cassette: Sram

I am considering swapping out the saddle.

Also the stem is pretty sweet, I think its an ITM, but I just bought a pantographed Colnago stem that will be even sweeter.

Another item I have that I was able to find was this sweet Colnago bottle cage. I think they are fairly rare as I only ever seen a picture of one other. They were probably $3.95 back in 1981.

This one has some chipped paint, I'm considering a repaint, but I want to save or recreate the Colnago decal first.

Just as a flashback, here is what the frame looked like when I first got her:

And the finish again:

more photos here


Anonymous said...

Great restoration. Looks awesome.

gewilli said...

saddle looks like a giant turd on a white hot bike :D

nice white flite would be perfect

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for a 'nago.
The bottle cage IS an amazing find. Gorgeous!

erikv said...

That came out great! Nice work. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Love the restroration! The details are awesome: the white computer, restored decals, etc. all look great. White Arione (trimmed down for weight, natch! ;) ), maybe?

Brad said...

You sir, have done a wonderful justice to that bike.

Where most would have passed it by content in the thought that it was, at best, a red headed step-child just for having...canti studs!?...on a Colnago!? Not to mention the less than stellar rattlecan coating.

You saw through and produced, in my opinion, one of the finest Colnago's that will once again grace the road...or mud as the case may be.

Well done!

Daniel said...

nice work. I agree with the other poster that you should replace the saddle. Other than that the bike is sweet.

For whatever reason I thought you were thinking of building this up SS?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Hey thanks guys for all the great comments.

Yeah the saddle will go soon. I have a Flite TT that is in rough shape. I think I'm going to buy some white leather or pleather and recover it. I'll post my results to the site.

The bike was a really fun project. It was great accumulating parts here and there and obsessing about every little thing. Whats next?

erikv said...

Regarding those decals you put on the down tube...was the background opaque or transparent?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

all the stickers had a white background.

gwadzilla said...

that bike cleaned up nice

I just painted my old Colnago with lugs and a Clover Cut Out on the bottom bracket

but I did things ghetto style

clean it up
hung up up
painted it

all in like an hour

it looks like a cover up job from a stolen bike

the paint on the chain is never a good look

but I am not so focused on the paintjob

Anonymous said...

I have the same stem on my old lugged Giant, I have been wondering what it was. Do you know what material it is? I never hefted it to get a sense of its weight, but the tinge of the metal and the size of the welds suggest Ti. Then I say, no way, it couldn't be Ti.... What do you think?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

A magnet sticks to my stem, so its steel. Googling it, it looks to be an ITM Eclypse

"A favourite of the peleton, this stem is fashioned in the TIG welded style with 76-degree bend. Polished silver "titanium finish" with ITALMANUBRI name and EC logo. Weight: 250 grams. Available in most popular sizes."

Although mine doesnt have any markings on it.

gwadzilla said...

looks sweet

you did a real pro job

it looks like you just pulled it from the box

did you braze/weld the brake posts on yourself?

Anonymous said...

The "Colnago" bottle cage (black club cut out) was not a original Colnago item, (manufactured by a company in Italy called "Ale')

Colnago had them branded as OEM.