Friday, April 07, 2006

Mountain Biking on a CX bike at Sea Otter

In the first mountain bike event of the Sea Otter Classic, there was a little cross content----Adam Craig on his cyclocross bike. The mens elite field contained some of the major players from last season's Elite men's cyclocross field: (Wells, Kabush, Wicks, Craig and Thomas Frishcknecht) But it was Craig on a cyclocross bike in this mountain event that makes the story cool.

Even more impressive would have been if he won on that cyclocross bike (24th place eventually) but another cyclocross star and current National Champ, Mr. Todd Wells, did pull out a 6th place 1.08 mins off the pace of winner Jean Christoph Peraud from France. I've never rode at Sea Otter, but what's interesting to me is that someone can be as competitive on a unsuspended CX bike as they can on a mountain bike. Not that this is something new, people have been riding cyclocross bikes on singletrack and in mountain bike races before, its just cool to see it being done.

more race content here.


Anonymous said...

so cool.. you gotta respect that

Anonymous said...

Definitely have to respect it, but from all accounts he got spanked because of his choice of bikes. However, a lot of guys were running CX tires in the muck!

Anonymous said...

and I think the guy in 4th in the photo is Jason Sager, who ran a mtb with 700c Lefty wheels/CX tires. He moved into the top ten but broke his chain on the last lap.