Sunday, April 30, 2006

The 1991 Schwinn Catalog

So I did some research yesterday and found that my Schwinn CrissCross had a serial number stamped onto the headbadge: 1471. Meaning it was made on the 147th day in 1991. With a little more research, I found a guy in the forum that referenced in one of his posts that he had the 1991 Schwinn catalog.

So I pm'ed him and he was kind enough to send me two scans, one of the CrissCross' page and another of the spec list that usually appears at the back of the catalog.

With this information its kind of cool to see what is stock and what has been replaced. The handlebars are obviously someones idea of a good thing at some point, but most of the rest of all the components are original. Also this bike would be called a hybrid today, but based on the Schwinn literature it seems that they intended this bike to be a little more hardy than that and to be ridden on some singletrack, "it can handle ruts, rocks and screaming downhills."


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to sell my 1991 CrissCross.

Is there any market for these bikes?

-Brian in Sugar Land, Texas

Unknown said...

I just bought a Schwinn Criss Cross and was looking for information. You're post came up on a Google search, and it was the first actually useful thing I found. Thanks, SO MUCH for posting this!