Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Carbon Cantilevers redesigned v1.3

So, as mentioned previously, I've been playing around with other designs for my carbon cantilever brakes. The main goals are lighter weight, easier construction, and more clearance for springs. Assumed is that they are strong and dont break. I thought I'd post what I'm thinking the next version will be...

My orginal carbon cantilevers (which I'm now calling v1.2) were made in a "male mold" Meaning that the carbon was laid over an object. A female mold is where the carbon is placed within that object. One of the key differences between these two mold styles is that when something is made from a female mold, the outside of the finished object comes out very clean and professional looking. Because my current brakes were made in a male mold, the outside of the brakes are kinda bumpy/rough and the insides of the arms are very smooth. I want this to be in reverse.

My v1.3 brakes will be made from a female mold. With the design featured above, the mold will be even the inside corner of a sturdy box.

Also, because they will only have one arm, even though I will use at least one extra layer of carbon and with the reinforcement piece, the weight "should" be lower. Also, it will have a cut out as seen in the pictures, this is where the spring will attach to the brake, and will lighten up some as well.

Lastly, the arms will allow a lot of room for spring clearance. As I mentioned before, I made two springs a 2 twist and a 3 twist. The brakes dont allow enough room for the 3 twist, and I'm not sure if the 2 twist really give me all the spring tension I want (although its not bad). With this extra room on the backside of the brake, I will be able to easily have a 3 twist spring.

I havent yet inputed this drawing into CAD yet, that is soon to come...

Heres a look at the backside of the object, I dont think it was obvious the general shape of the arm from the one angle.

For more angles of the brake arm (just click on the pic, it didnt minimize very well:

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