Friday, October 28, 2005

The Wheel post:

So I just got my Tufo Tubular Elite LPS 32mm tires in the mail. Yellow---to go with my gold rims. They weigh 315 and 336 each, which is a pretty heft discrepency, but their lighter than the Prestiges that I already have and supposedly ive been told that they ride better and have a lower psi limit. Havent yet received my Am Classic front hub that i nabbed off of Ebay for $50 shipped, which seems like a bargain to me especially since they retail for like $109 her in the states. Im considering having the front hub anodized gold, i think that would look really cool. Ill only get it done though if I get a gold King or Tune rear hub. Christmas is coming so maybe ill ask for that. Below are some pics of the weights of the OR-10 rims, 338 and 337 grams and the new tires 630 grams for the pair:

My plan for next year's season is to have two identical Specialized CX bikes (no cash for two new Specialized Tri-Cross') no im talking about the 2000-2003 Specialized M4 CX bikes. As far as wheels go---im going to move my current set of Tubular wheels over to the pit bike (which will have double chainrings) then the gold wheelset will be put on the race bike (which will have one chainring) then im going to build up another wheelset using Araya Aero 1 tubie rims laced to an Ultegra rear hub and probably some ultegra level front hub with Tufo T30 tubular tires for my new SS CX bike. With a set of training wheels (clinchers) in the pit if need be. But im thinking if i cant finish a race with 2 bikes in the pits then maybe im not supposed to finish that race. It also looks like im going to be relocating up to Portland in July and racing cross up there next year, so cross crusade here i come! for more info.

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