Saturday, October 22, 2005

10/22/05 Vacaville CX race

Well, im sore. What a tough race out at Vacaville this morning. Mens C started with 22 men said the very official official. On my warm up laps, i had an idea that this wasnt my kind of course. It had some very technical sections in it as well as a good deal of climbing. 2 items I cant hide from. Maybe if it was or the other than ok, but not both. I got a decent start, i didnt field myself on the front line, but rather off to the side about one place behind the front guys. I was 6th or 7th going into the first technical gully. I ran it every lap (although most were riding it) i didnt really lose any places but it probably prematurely wore on me during the race. I ended up getting 8th place out of 20 finishers--guess there were a couple DNF's. Training in Sacramento---I'm pretty decent at going fast on flat ground, not going up hills too well though. And my background in time trialing doesnt lend itself to mtb style courses. Next week the race is at Grass Valley, and from what ive heard its another mtn bike friendly course with climbing and sketchy descents. Great! Cant wait. The good news is two weeks after that will be the final two races in the Sac CX series and their both on flat land and shouldnt be too techy.

Over the off-season id like to learn how to ride better in the tech stuff because i expect to upgrade to B's next season, maybe ill do some mtn bike races in addition to the triathlon (kayaking and running) training i plan to be doing. we'll see.

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