Friday, October 28, 2005


So the update----I finished my Singlespeed Cyclocross bike, shes un named at this point but ill think of something, im thinking of some kind of school bus reference. This is what i posted over at RBR: I had bought a Nishiki Sport road bike from the local thrift store in order to convert it to a fixed gear, which I did. Then, I saw the singlespeed race in Golden Gate park last year and decided I wanted to do that too. So I went home and found that my Nishiki had enough room in the rear triangle to accept a cyclocross tire. I had the canti mounts brazed on by the guy that does retrotec bikes (Curt Inglis), then had Sycip powdercoat it. The color came out way wrong (it was supposed to be burnt orange) but it’ll do. I didn’t get it finished last year, and just in the last few days decided that I wanted to try a singlespeed race this season. And now finally the build is done (minus a starnut installed and a topcap). Interesting notes or aspects of the bike are the Cinelli Alter stem that I stripped down and am using the hole already in the stem as a front brake stop. The custom decals are from which say Nishiki. The brake levers are Campy and must have came out just when “aero” brake levers came out so they can be ran aero or standard. As you can see ive ran the front brake standard in order to use the stem as a brake stop and the rear brake routed under the bartape. Boone titanium 19 tooth cog on the rear. Also, last year I picked up this retro Nishiki jersey----ill be wearing it only when on my school bus beast. Final build is:

Frame: Nishiki
Fork: Surly
Headset: King
Handlebars: On One Midge
Stem: Cinelli alter
Brakes: Empella Froggleggs
Brake levers: Campagnolo
Saddle: Flite
Pedals: Candy SL
Wheels: are what I had lying around, I plan on building up a set of tubulars just for this bike.
Cranks: Dura Ace 7400 with a 39 tooth front ring
Cog: Boone Ti 19t

Im not too sure about the handlebars yet, im accustomed to the standard bars and have never rode on moustache’s or anything like these before (DirtDrops etc) they might stay or they might come off. Everything else though seems good thus far. My concern when building it up was never on weight (Cinelli Alter stem is an anchor) but it came out at 21.5 lbs so I was impressed by that. Sorry my camera seems to be on the outs, so some of the pics didn’t come out too good. One of them is when i first brought her home. If you see me at any of the races say hello.


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