Friday, September 23, 2011

Toot toot

Because I'm a marketing nerd, I've been tracking cyclocross related keywords and documenting where Plus One Lap ranks in Google search results.

Search term Google result
lightweight cyclocross 1
cyclocross faq 1
best cyclocross pedals 1
cyclocross blog 2
how to buy cyclocross bike 2
best cyclocross brakes 3
handmade cyclocross 3
best cyclocross wheels 6
colnago cyclocross 6
convert road bike cyclocross 7
cyclocross barriers 9
cyclocross pedals 12
convert mountain bike cyclocross 21
cheap cyclocross 31
cyclocross bike 54
cyclocross bikes 56
cyclocross not in top 64
cyclocross brakes not in top 64

What I find a little curious, is that "cyclocross brakes" I don't rank in the top 64 results, but "best cyclocross brakes" I'm third. Anyway, that's all for now. BTW --- the title refers to me tooting my own horn.

9/30/2011 edit: in the last week, usurped Mud and Cowbells for the #1 "cyclocross blog":

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