Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reader Rig: 1979 Centurion Super Lemans

Jason saw my posts about the Raleigh cyclocross project, and sent me some info/pics of his Centurion cyclocross bike.

The message here is that for budget conscious riders, a cheap cyclocross bike isnt hard to do. Plus, don't forget cyclocross designed bikes are a rather new concept within the last fifteen years. Prior, guys like Jason and I were taking these old road bikes and retrofitting them to go offroad.

Excerpts from Jason's email: "It's set up for running around town now, but come Sept I'm gonna throw some knobbies on it and use it for my backup race bike. The MAFAC racers are dope, can't really make out what's on your Raleigh, but let's be honest all center pulls are decent enough for cross or commuting."

Jason's Blog: Het Malen

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