Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raleigh wrenching

Worked on the bike after work today:

It had old rusted cheap cottered cranks previously. What's worse is that I'm sure the previous owner didnt know or take the time to service them, because they wiggled like crazy in the BB. I initially tried tightening the BB cups without taking off the cranks, this didnt solve the problem.

I bought a set of Sugino VP cranks with a 130BCD pattern, and they had a gunmetal color paint over the top of them, not anodized. Using some paint remover, steel wool, scraper, soft rag and some metal polish I sparkled them up pretty well.Will get a 48t big ring when the season gets closer.

Getting off the cottered cranks was a chore, using Sheldon's tutorial was vital. . I ended up breaking off the threaded portion, drilling out the cotter pin, heating everything up with a torch and then driving it out with a punch. Then I removed the other side's BB cup so that I didnt have to remove both cotters.

Installed the old school Stronglight Competition BB that I bought for $2 and everything looks pretty good.

Cannot find a photo of the Sugino VP cranks online in the 130bcd pattern with the gunmetal paint, but they were hideous. Now, I think they look a lot like one of my most favorite cranks the Dura Ace 7400's.

Had the alloy pedals sitting in a box so decided to throw them on, will get some clipless in the near future.

Lastly, snapped a photo of the Wright's leather saddle I got off of eBay for $20 shipped. I'll use this saddle and seatpost for general cruising, but will switch back to the plastic/leather Turbo for cyclocross racing as I'll feel more comfortable abusing that one.

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