Friday, November 10, 2006

Colnago Conversion pt 5: Where we at?

Well, first post in a week, and I thought I'd give a little update on where the Colnago "restoration/conversion" is going. Basically, Im hunting down the parts that I still need, like a Dura Ace seatpost and cranks. I bought a stem that will work, Cinelli, 1980's period-ish. Ideally, I want to toss on a Dura Ace stem, but I dont want to pay $75 for one, so im hunting the ebay for one at a reasonable price.

I've considered some of the comments I got on the last post about running STI's and Ergo's, basically no one wanted me to use barcons. This is my reply:

I wanted the drivetrain (derailleurs, cassette, cranks etc) to be Dura Ace because all my wheels are Shimano. I chose DA because all my other bikes are Shimano, and I already had some Shimano parts to go on this bike. I could run Campy Ergos that ran through a Jtek to my DA derailleur but thats weird. Campy shifters and the rest of the bike is Dura Ace? I dont like that.

I could sell off all my Shimano stuff that I've bought for this project and replace it with Campagnolo, then I could use Ergos, but I dont I'd still have only Shimano wheels laying around, and I dont like conversion cassettes, I've never had one that shifted like a champ. And I dont need to collect Campy wheels for just this bike.

I could use Shimano STI's, and I might do that at some point in the future, but right now its about building this as cheaply as possible to minimize the amount my fiancee yells at me when I bring home more bike parts to go in our cramped "office". But "dont cry for me" +1lap reader, things will be okay, I have a plan.

At this point, I really am going to use barcons, If I can snag a deal on a set of STI's, I'll pick them up and mount 'em up, but til then, I'll be in the drops with one pinky on the retro-indexed shifter.

Unless anyone has parts they want to donate to the project?


Zoo said...

You can still use campy, I've been running campy 10spd on all shimano 10spd cassettes, no issues.

erikv said...

campy 10 with shimano 10 doesn't work. Campy 10 shifters/Shimano 9 drivetrain will work, however.

Zoo said...

campy 10 shifters won't work with shimano 10 derailleurs, but they will work with shimano 10 cassettes