Friday, November 03, 2006

Colnago Conversion part 4

The build list?

I want to keep a fairly retro feel/look to this bike as its not a new bike. Its going to be powdercoated white. All white with the chrome in places (as mentioned).

All the components will be silver. I will also have a replica Colnago decal set in white with World Champ stripe color theme for the tubes.

Many Colnago’s came stock with this decal set at one time, its not me merely trying to be a World Champ poser. That would require me wearing this:

And for the build list, I’m thinking of going full Dura-Ace model 7402. Campagnolo would be a better fit for this bike being that it’s an Italian manufacturer, but I really like that old 7400 series Dura-Ace stuff. It looks pretty sharp and it’s cheaper than its Campy counterpart.

What I have and what I still need.

I have: Frame, Fork, Dura-Ace headset, Dura-Ace Bottom Bracket, Tektro aero brake levers (silver, could use new hoods), Nitto shallow drop bars (silver), Candy Sl pedals, White Saddle, Wheels, Paul Neo-Retro and Touring Brakes (silver), White handlebar tape, Dura Ace 7402 Front Derailleur, Dura Ace rear derailleur.

What I need:
27.2 seat post (Dura Ace)
100-110 quill stem (silver or titanium) preferably Dura Ace
170-172.5mm Dura Ace Cranks
White brake lever hoods
Sram/KMC Chain

I still need to decide on the method of shifting.

A typical conversation that occurs within the minds of many cyclocross racers and amongst friends goes like this:

Retro Ron: This is a retro bike; you need to stay with the theme. If this was 1983, it would be bar end shifters for sure.

Modern Matt: But its not 1983. Its 2006, and better options exist.

Retro Ron: But barcons are more durable in the mud and muck.

Modern Matt: But they’re kind of a pain to shift with once you’re used to STI/Ergos.

Retro Ron: But barcons are cheap.

Modern Matt: But they’re kind of a pain to shift with!

In the end, Retro Ron will always tout barcon’s durability and low cost. And Modern Matt will come back to convenience and ease of shifting. For this build, I think I’m going to use barcons. If this was a 2006 Specialized or Redline, I’d probably choose STI levers. But the scale was tipped in barcon’s favor with the theme of this bike being a retro one.

Lastly, I've got the rear dropouts pretty clean and sparkly. Here's a photo progression of what that process was like:

Dropout 1: As I received the frame.

Photo 2: Some Epoxy paint stripper applied.

Step 3: Most of the paint off.

Step 4: All polished and looking good.

Part 5 coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Great looking bike, and a very interesting project bike!

Don't use barcons, they're just plain ugly! A nice pair of Campy aluminum-levered Ergopowers won't look any different from the oringinal brake-levers, and the function will be much better. Of course you'll need a matching Campy rear mech / Jtek....but these problems can be overcome!

Again, great project!

tristan at wheelworks dot co dot nz

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Yeah barcons look kinda bootsy, but I dont have any Campy wheels and I already have a pretty extensive set of shimano wheels, and I know they make conversion cassettes, but thats kind of a pain, and they dont shift quite as well either. Maybe I'll try out Kelly Take offs? Seem like a good idea but...i dont know.

Anonymous said...

How about a set of original DA 8 spd STI's. The circular logo plate looks pretty retro cool, but is very functional. They also work really well, if they're in OK condition. They would look awesome with that frame. The Mapei riders of the mid/late 90s rode steel colnagos with DA STI... so can you.

Anonymous said...

If you use a pair of nine speed Campy shifters, and a Campy rear mech then you can use a Shimano or Campy 9 speed cassette. The spacing is SOOO close that they work interchangably.

If you found some 10s Campy shifters and rear mech then you can either buy a nine speed ratchet ring, or use conversion spacers. I manufacture spacers to convert a Shimano 9 speed cassette to Campy 10 speed so you can use Shimano cassettes and wheels with no change in performance. If you're interested in going this route let me know because I would be glad to help out with the Colnago project.

IMHO Colnagos just look plain ugly with Shimano STI's on them. But I also think that Shimano shifters are nicer for cross use because they will 'bend' rather than break in a crash. So you've got a comprimise to make ;-)

tristan at wheelworks dot co dot nz

Anonymous said...

Nice project. Did you ever consider rechroming the entire fork. I think that would be period acceptable and look really awesome

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Hadnt really thought of it, no. Just because I've read a bunch of stuff about how horrible chrome actually is for the environment and hos costly it is as well because of that. Most powdercoaters will PC a fork for around $10 if its with a frame too.

Thanks for the comment,

Anonymous said...

my wife wants to know if you got around to trimming the bushes along the garden path?
me i used to ride a late 80s master but any colnago brings back the memory of that sweet ride.
keep up the good job and thanks for the site