Sunday, July 14, 2013

AR bike: shifting

I said I wanted to modernize this bike. Trouble is, I hate modern shifting. Well, I hate the price of modern shifting and I hate when it's not tuned just so and you're chain is clickity clacking for miles. Yes, I prefer friction shifting. My last triathlon bike had friction shifting for 2 x 10 speed. No problems. Don't believe the index hype, it's just a fad.

So what are my retro options for a flat bar bike (remember the bike has to be a "mountain bike" no crazy cyclocross bikes allowed)?

The obvious first choice was thumb shifters ---- but I kind of don't like those either, it seems convenient to have that shifter right there and it's easy to push it away from you with your thumb. But I'm not very good at getting it back.

I really like the Suntour micro-ratchet Power shifters bar cons and have used them a lot. But that won't work on a flat bar bike. Except, Suntour made a stem mount Power Ratchet as well. Totally friction and buttery.

I picked up a set on eBay for $19 shipped. Suck it index.

Oh yeah, did I mention this bike has a threaded fork/stem? So mounting the stem shifter is easily done. I just got her hooked up and blammo, I'm in love.

Not all stem shifters are pieces of shit ----- don't believe the hype.

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