Monday, August 09, 2010

Getting ready for the season

Great article by CrossJunkie about getting ready for cyclocross. As well as some suggested workouts:

A few times a week, ride off road to work and back, instead of on the road (luckily I have the environment to do this). Need. Upper. Body. Conditioning. Plus the double training dose of Human Growth Hormone, or whatever my own legal and natural product is, won't go amiss.

I’m planning on heading up to Folsom Lake this weekend, to putz around on some of the trails and fire roads up there, maybe practice some dismounts too.


Unknown said...

Not sure where you are in Sac but on the weekends I go to Land park with some barriers and practice. You are welcome to join.


Jeremy Burlingame said...

Sweet, thanks. I'll let you know.

bikenerd said...

I'm planning on going to Granite Beach Sunday, to noodle around on the cross bike, maybe even jump on and off some. Let me know when you're going.