Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gios Retro Cross Ride

This bike isnt light and isnt custom, but its cool:

Here is my retroish Gios cyclocross bike, the frame is made of gios pro tubing, setup with a mix of Shimano and Paul components:

The headset, the box, the crank and the "barend" shifter are shimano duraace or 600.
The brakes are Paul Neo-Retro w/ Salsa hanger, Paul Chainkeeper, and Paul Thumbie pod
The wheels is Shimano 105 to open pro w. michelin "sprint" tyres
Flight Ti saddle, Ritchey pro post, Salsa stem, 3ttt formula SL handelbar, Canecreek and Salsa brake levers. The rear mech is a suntour XC pro, it shifts great but I will like the index to work, so I will change it to an XTR.

It's 10.5 kilo (23lbs) on my fish scale.

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Anonymous said...

This bike rules. I've got two gios bikes, wish I had a sweet gios cross ride like this too!