Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #9: Custom Arione Saddle

Ryan sent me in this next tip which shows how to customize your Arione saddle. Ryan said he did it primarily so that the saddle wouldn't catch his shorts on a remount, but it has the added benefit of cutting some weight off.

Click below to see what Ryan did...

You simply peel back the leather cover, it comes off pretty easy as it is only glued along the edges. It also helps if the saddle is used and if you use a lot of chamois cream. I used a bandsaw to cut the tail off. There is a vertical extension on the shell of the saddle (I believe it had a sticker or logo on it) that I used as a cutting guide. I used several cuts to get the shape close then I used a Dremel with a sanding drum to radius the remaining shell and foam padding. Gluing the cover on is just like gluing up a tubular. I used Weldwood contact cement found at most hardware stores. Apply one layer on the plastic shell and a layer on the leather where it meets the shell. Start by stretching the leather over the back then work outwards wrapping the leather over the foam and sticking it to the plastic shell. Use something hard to press the leather onto the shell, I used a wide flat-blade screwdriver. Continue wrapping the leather over the shell, in my case I curled the leather over the vertical extension. You could always stop it short and trim off the excess leather."

A little before and after action:

That looks so pro. Great work. Those dual purpose weight tips are the best. They have a functional component as well as a lighter weight component.

If you have a weight loss tip for cyclocross, email it to me for a chance to win a Plus One Lap T-shirt and of course the envy of all your friends.


Anonymous said...

how much weight did this save? looks neat, but weight weenies wanna know the benefit!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Yeah good question. If someone sends me one I'll do the mod myself and mail it back to you. email at plusonelap at gmail dot com

bastillecx said...

Innovation is what makes life interesting, good stuff.

I went with the Gobi saddle to start with, but I can see the point if you're a fan of the Arione.

PS: I run the Gobi on my Road, Cross and Mountain bikes ...