Friday, August 11, 2006

Branford bike burned to the ground, closed

Unfortunately, a long time bike shop and resource, Branford Bike ( burned up in a Montana wildfire recently.

From their website:

A Massive Wild Fire engulfed our community in Emigrant, Montana on Sunday, July 30th. Our shop was completely destroyed.

We tried to save our inventory by placing it in an on site bomb shelter. The intense inferno melted glass and aluminum and turned concrete to powder. Our retail store, warehouse, our home and the homes of several neighbors were little more than piles of white ash and twisted metal on a black and barren landscape. Fortunately no lives were lost. On Monday morning we visited our home with an official escort and saw how severe the fire was. We came back on Wednesday and opened the smoldering bomb shelter. A small fire was still burning inside. All that was left of our inventory was hot pile of white ash and scorched metal.

We decided not to try and rebuild; Branford Bike is closed forever. We will leave the web site up for a few months but cannot accept orders. All orders placed but not filled will be cancelled. You may still return items to us and we will credit your card. Our phones no longer work so please contact us by e-mail with questions or comments.

Thank-you for your support for the past 30 years. Your support allowed our business to grow and move to the beautiful state of Montana. We love living here and will eventually build a new home in the mountains.
Tim and the crew at Branford Bike

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