Sunday, May 21, 2006

Failing the bunnyhop...

Here's a great example of what can happen if you try to do a bunnyhop and dont make it.


Ty reported: "The lobster was a reynolds 853 steel that was built by paul sadoff, I used to sell campagnolo components to him when I was with ochsner international. The damage was caused when I tried to bunny hop a barrier when I was practincing a cross course. As you can see I failed. I dont know if it can be repaired, the steer tube is bent as well as the down tube. I am going to start on my derosa tommorrow morning. thanks ty"

Last time I practiced bunnyhopping, I tried jumping a cement barrier, and didnt get my rear wheel over it, and it broke my rear rim. Unfortunately for Ty, his damage was much worse than just a rear rim.


Looking forward to seeing that Derosa though...

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