Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Cyclocross specific Excel Spreadsheet

So I've found that using an Excel spreadsheet to help assist in the build of a lightweight cyclocross bike has been very helpful. Using a spreadsheet can help to plan what you own, what you'd like to own, what parts weigh and even the cost of the items in your build. I have created a cyclocross specific excel spreadsheet that you can get by clicking here. Also, this download will be located on the bottom of the left column of Plus One Lap. When you send me your sub 18lb bike, putting the parts into a spreadsheet like this would be appreciated, although not necessary at the current time. You can tweak the document by adding columns for a "dream part" column, a price column or a comments section. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Auroch from BF.net here. It would be really cool if you posted one of these Excel files with all the info filled out. I'm working on my own for my new ride which is coming along a bit slowly.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

ok will do, i will post my excel file for my bike build. The file hosting company's site is currently down, check back in a day or two.