Sunday, October 07, 2007

World's most awesomest seatpost?

If you want to see maybe the best looking seat post to ever exist, head on over to Kent Eriksen Cycles.

The design, similar to a Moots seatpost, is simple and yet very sweet. Bonus: the colors are designed to match your Chris King headset and hubs.

The cheapest price for one is 180 clams, so with awesomeness comes expense. But if you need that something special to make all your friends extremely envious. This might be the way to do it.

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DYG said...

That seatpost reminds me of the Bold:

Both designs look nice but don't support the saddle rails very well. I broke a rail on my SLR, mounted to a Bold seatpost, remounting the other day. I'm thinking of switching to the Thomson Masterpiece which is also pretty light but has a clamp that supports a greater length of the rails.