Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No updates in weeks? Whats going on?

Yes I've been ignoring my adoring readers. Yes I've been busy. Here's a quiz:

In the last month I...

A) Got married
B) Took a vacation to Maui
C) Worked my ass off on Business school essays and apps
D) All the above

Answer by clicking "more" below (as usual)

So yeah, most of the time, when you see all the above its the best choice. As it is in this case. My fiance and I drove to California and got married. We then went to Maui for a week for our honeymoon, and while there I began intently working on business school apps for a next fall admissions to which I've continued since being back in PDX.

Anyway, hopefully I will got caught up on the emails you all sent over the last couple of weeks. And get more reader's rides posted that are sitting in my inbox. Alpenrose this weekend, should be exciting.

Good news: the Colnago conversion is done. Pics soon.

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