Friday, October 05, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #3: Chop an inch from the bars

An international entry to the Cheap Weight Tip contest, this one from Netherlands. Cut the last inch from your bars. I've done this one and been pleased with it. I never ride the drops, when I did it, I was able to drop 7 grams off of my aluminum bars. Click below to continue reading this article

Cut the last pieces, say 1 inch, off from your handlebars.
- Low cost
- Saves weight
- Saves knees (you don't hit with your knees against the handlebar-ends)
- Saves you from falling because of nr. 2
- You don't need the extreme parts anyway...

Hacksaw or pipe cutter
round file to remove burrs
measuring tape


Another 7 grams lost, that brings the total to about 41 grams weve lost with the three tips thus far.

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