Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cross Crusade: Alpenrose; 1087 racers!

Went out to Alpenrose Dairy, site of the first Cross Crusade of 2007 today. I had fun watching the NW Crossers tear it up under cloudy but dry skies.

Most impressive was Erik Tonkin. The man raced fixed gear in the singlespeed race and then raced in the A's and got second.

The best costume award might go to the guy in the Single-Speedo division. See below.

My camera is crapping out lately, so I didnt get many photos.

There are more dollars spent on cross bikes up here in Portland than maybe the entire US combined. SF is a close second. Like every other person is riding a Vanilla up here, you'd think they were giving them away or something.


MtMann said...

Giving away Vanillas? Don't I wish! I was having some serious Vanilla lust yesterday. Saw 3 of the new Speedvagens, including that blindingly pink one. At least 2 were geared though - thought they were supposed to be single-speeds?

Good day of bike fun

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you race? Either way congrats on the marriage and thanks for all the great cyclocross articles!