Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lightweight Cyclocross Bike #33: Anthony's Fort

The first Fort frame to the Plus One Lap lightweight gallery is Anthony's sky blue (or is it eggshell?) bike.

Here's what Anthony says about his bike:

"JB--Here is my proud contribution the the sub 18 gallery.

I just got around to weighing it and was stoked to come in at 18lbs with race wheels. I really treid to build a solid, reliable race machine without any stupid lightness or bling. I think it turned out great, solid parts and hit the bench mark for weight!

Fort Cross Max with Ritchey WCS fork
FSA cross headset with integrated cable hanger (see below)
Ultegra 9s STI
Paul Neo Retro on the front and Touring Canti rear
DA 7700 crank and BB with 39 (or 42) single ring, salsa gaurd, Deda Dog fang.
DA rear D, SRAM 9s cassette.
Eggbeater SLs
Thompson post and X2 stem, WCS alu bar.
Selle San Marco Strada saddle with matching Selle San Marco bar tape.

Tufo Elites on older DA hubs with Mavic 330s for fast, dry Colorado rocky days.
Rhinos on same older DA Hubs with Mavic G4 (r)/Matrix ISO (f) for "good" conditions!

Now if I can get fast enough to we worthy!

-Anthony in CO"

Finally a guy that uses retro rims like me. Matrix ISO's are some pretty cool rims that are crazy light, but strong and you can find them cheap.

Also, someone thats actually using that integrated FSA headset pictured below. I thought it was vaporware.

If you have a sub 18 pound cyclocross bike or a handmade cross rig, email it to me at plusonelap at gmail dot com and I will post it to the gallery for all to envy.

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Ben said...

I don't think the headset on this bike is an integrated one. It doesn't use the same hanger as the one in your picture, either.