Monday, October 08, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #6: Drill it

Bruno from Davis sent this one in: Pull out the drill and drill stuff is another easy cheap weight trick.

You'd be surprised how little weight you will actually save with this trick. But it will help you with a few grams.

Things to drill:

seatpost clamps

Think non-structual things mostly. Things that if they broke wouldn't kill you are always a good place to start.

Begin conservatively.

This is also a good time to say that if done wrong, you could seriously injure yourself and maybe others. The practice of drilling things will definetly void your warranty. Plus One Lap and its affiliates are not responsible for any of this.

Thanks to Ray Dobbins for the above picture of his drilled out chainring.

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Anonymous said...

That brings back memories of the early 80s. One of the guys I trained with drilled out everything he could in the metal shop at his high school - chainrings, derailleur pulley cages, brake levers, QR levers...