Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #1: Front brake stop

This first cheap weight tip (don't worry I'm not going to give myself a T shirt, because I already have) is something Jonathan Page rocks on his bike.

Front brake hangers weigh a good amount. More than they really need to. Especially when there's an option like this out there....

By using a rear brake stop like this:

and putting it on your bike like this:

(taken from Josh's Rocklobster, Plus One Lap bike #10)

You can save some major weightage. How much you ask? Good question, look at this:

Before: 29.7 grams

After: 5.1 grams

Thats like 25 grams people. Hello? Do 10 more things like this and were talking over a half pound.

Issues: Some grinding may be in order and this only works for a stem with a front plate.

But it is super cheap, heck maybe free if you have a rear cable stop in your toolbox.

If you have a weight savings tip we need to know about, email me at plusonelap at gmail dot com Remember, while not critical, pictures are appreciated.


JJ said...

even more importantly (?), it gets rid of all the extra looping cable needed when running OVER your stem, for those with a cramped area, like mine.

Anonymous said...

I had one on my Kona, but it would not set up right to create the leverage needed, therefore causing me some fork chatter, went back to stock and now it is solid!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

@JJ: True, can be tight under there if you have minimal spacers under your stem. The less cable means less weight also, seeing as how brake cable is like 50g per meter or something around there, this might reduce 1-4 grams off brake cable housing.

Anonymous said...

The 25 grams of weight savings assumes you don't need to replace the hanger with a spacer (which, depending on height, could weigh between 5-10 grams at least).

Jeremy Burlingame said...

@ Anonymous #2: True, I just weighed a 10 mm carbon spacer (which is about the exact same stack height of the front cable stop) and it weighs 3.7 grams, so you'll save 21 plus a little because of the shorter cable as mentioned above.

PeanutButterBreath said...

IME, that steel bolt in the standard hanger is not necessary. How much does it weigh?

Zoo said...

where can I get one of these?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

At your LBS or online here:

Zach said...

How is it that turning your handlebars doesn't affect cable tension? Wouldn't turning right have the same effect as squeezing the lever??

Jeremy Burlingame said...

@ Zach: No it doesnt tighten the brake, because the wheel/fork/brake assembly is also turning.

Its no different than the cable hanger setup in that regard.

Now, if the handlebars were turning and the fork/wheel/brakes remained in the same position, then yes it would tighten the brakes.

i_r_beej said...

Some of these tips are pretty interesting and easy enough to implement.

However, I believe that there's much to be said for the ELEGANCE of a "trick".

I think this one crosses the line into ugliness. The bike-- a beautiful machine-- begins to look cobbled together.

Please understand that I'm not criticizing anyone for their pursuit of a light bike.

Anonymous said...

Fat guy,

It's only funny until someone develops an eating disorder.