Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #2: Tape instead of bolts

I got two emails this morning within about an hour of each other that both suggested to remove your waterbottle bolts and replace with a small piece of electrical or scotch tape.

Lets test this tip (its nice to have a gram scale that measures down to the tenth of a gram)...

Lets say you've got a stock bike with steel bolts in there (granted these bolts are a little long, but its not impossible that someone has a water bottle bolt this long on their bike):

Now, lets say you always run aluminum bolts:

Lastly, lets check the scotch tape:

Two pieces of Scotch Tape weigh less than .1 grams.

As Scott puts it, "I know you've covered the little plastic bolts that can replace bottle
bolts when not using a bottle cage (it's cross, right, we don't need no
stinkin' water). A lighter alternative is clear tape (scotch tape) to
cover the hole and the area around it (a square of tape does the job.
Tape is lighter than plastic bolts and I found the plastic bolts don't
create a complete seal; on really wet days you might get water in your
frame with the plastic bolts. On my new Ridley supercross I got rid of 4

If you have the capacity for 2 waterbottles on your bike, and you have steel bolts in there now, you could save 12.6 grams with this tip!

That brings our weight loss total thus far to 34.6 grams. Dollars spent=$0.

Thanks guys

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Anonymous said...

So the head on one of the plastic water bottle cage plugs cracked off while trying to remove it recently, and the rest of it is still lodged in the mount hole. I haven't had time to pull the bottom bracket to see if the hole is big enough to pass the plastic remnants through or if there is even a hole into the BB. My hope is that there is a hole, and that it is big enough for me to push the rest of the plastic into the downtube and then pull it out of the BB. Any suggestions?