Monday, October 15, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #10: Superglue your computer magnet

The next cheap weight tip comes from Jim in Portland: Buy a tiny rare earth magnet and superglue it to your spokes instead of using the bulky magnet that comes with most bike computers. Keep reading for the details...

Jim must be an avid reader of Plus One Lap, because I featured this as a weight tip back in February of last year.

There, I figured that this would save you 12.9 grams of weight and would only cost a buck or two.

You can buy these Rare Earth magnets from your local Radioshack for like $2 for two of them.

Then, you just epoxy them on your spoke where your normal magnet usually is. Something like superglue or jb weld will probably work well.

If you have a weight tip email it to me at plusonelap at gmail dot com to enter the contest.


Anonymous said...

do people really use computers on cross bikes it seems like it would get in the way and stop working in the mud

erikv said...

Hmmm...Here's another weight savings tip - don't use a computer!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

@ Erikv: Thats definetly an option too.

@ anonymous: In my experience, mud hasnt had any effect on the computer.