Monday, October 09, 2006

Portland Cyclocross: Battle at Barlow

Okay, well yesterday was a break in the Crusade schedule, but a cross race at an old Crusade location----dubbed the Battle at Barlow. The highlight of my day was watching a teammate come back from 3rd place and 10 seconds back with one lap to go up to first place to take the win. My race wasnt so exciting. Basically it involved me getting dropped by the pack in like the first 2 minutes of racing and then slogging away for the next 43 minutes trying to decide if it would be possible to hide in a bush for about the next 40 minutes and then hop back out and "finish" the race and whether anyone would notice. (un)Fortunately, my team was ultra supportive and scattered around the course, and I didnt want to explain my DNF to them, so I slogged on. Despite being lapped by my own race leaders--ouch.

Well, I did hang out and had some fun after the race, met Brian from and took some photos of the Womens and Men's A race. Then hopped in my car just as the real rain began.

Next week the Crusade is back, and I'll be back on the line in the SS group, Im persistent and hard headed---at least I got that going for me.

The photos I took of the race here. The photo above is of the runup----you got your choice as to which side you wanted to go up---arent they nice?

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