Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Custom Cross #12: Paul's Vicious Cycle

Paul is the guy with the reader question about single rings and dropped chains, which I posted last week. He also sent me a pic of his Vicious Cycles cyclocross bike.
Build list:
Vicious Cycles Slider w/ rasta flame paint
Indy Fab fork
King headset rasta also
Salsa cockpit, and seatpost
Xtr rear del.
Xt brakes
Mavic ksyrium equip. wheelset
Shimano cranks
Shimano 105 sti shifters; nine speeds in the back

"i'm not sure of the weight, i've never really checked
or cared, but here you go anyway.

thanks again, Paul"

Thank you Paul, looks like a sweet ride, let us know how you stop your chain from dropping.

If you have a custom/handmade cyclocross bike or a sub18 lb cross bike email it to me at

1 comment:

Jeremy! said...

OH SNAP! fine lookin bike, get a chain-ring guard