Monday, October 02, 2006

Cross Crusade #1: Alpenrose

My first singlespeed race PacNW race happened yesterday at the Alpenrose Dairy. The word is that there were like almost 800 racers throughout the day. 72 folks were in my SS race, of which I finished 56th, but I had fun and actually caught some dudes in the latter laps. The next goal is to not get caught by the Mens B's whom had a 3 minute lead on us.

My Forerunner took data of the race, which is kinda cool. Some nice heart rate functions and the above graphics can be made as well from software from

It was definetly a day for tubulars as the course was super bumpy in a lot of sections. Unfortunately, I didnt get mine glued up in time.

Race report: Well, I had no goal accept to not get last or die. So mission accomplished, its tough to be competitive I think when you seat yourself on the back row. I'll move a little closer to the front next time. The race went off without a hitch, Sacha White, Erik Tonkin and some other notable guys were on their SS, some, including Tonkin on a fixed gear. Basically, after the start, the race was just me on my bike going around the course 5 times over 2 sets of two barriers, one hill runup and one stair runup. My hands are bruised from the bumpy-ness (and Im not running cork tape but plastic Benotto-like tape)

After the race, I talked with some guys that I "know" through the internet, so it was cool to put the name or screenname to the face.

Thats pretty much it, the next Crusade race is 2 weeks from now, but there is another Portland race this coming weekend.


Daniel said...

I like the image - especially your line that appears you flew over the top of the building.

That was a bumpy course wasn't it? I'm still feeling pain in my hands and lower back. I feel that I rode a good race, but was hoping to have been a bit more competitive than I ended up being (I got 22nd). Apparently, The Bs got tough over the summer.

Anyway, if you see my Kelly at Barlow or Hillsboro, say Hi.


Jeremy Burlingame said...

Yeah very bumpy, I think I saw you Dan on the line in front of me as we were awaiting the start of the B's/SS.

with the all the turns in the course, and my GPS unit talking with the satellites every 6 seconds or so, the map comes out a little weird. Kinda pointless for a cyclocross course, but its pretty cool when I go kayaking. Although, the heart rate data is pretty interesting to look at.

Brooke Hoyer said...

My back was a bit sore on Monday but that's about it. I even managed to get in a pretty good tempo ride yesterday -- which left me a bit weak today. I think I did a very good job of staying loose through my shoulders, arms, and hands. This helped handling and rolling over the bumps. My hands felt fine even immediately after the race. My legs were another matter ...