Friday, November 23, 2007

Kruger's Crossing CX (Portland CX Scene)

Got an email from Kris Schamp regarding the Kruger's race this weekend, the weirdest and coolest thing being the corn maze that racers will have to navigate. Sounds like a fun time, might actually be fairly dry too.

1) Course & Maze:
Last week, I was at the farm to check out the course and the corn maze. Here are some photos of the maze and other parts of the course. With the rainfall of last weekend, there has been some debate whether we should include the corn maze in this year's course. Well, our current plan is as follows: if the maze is ridable on Saturday, we'll design two routes, one around the maze, and a slightly shorter, more technical route (or two) through the maze. Depending on the weather and course conditions on Sunday, we'll decide to run the race over either section. We might also give racers the option to choose either route. And - with or without the maze - we'll make sure the course will be plenty of fun and challenging!

2) Parking:
Like in the past, Kruger's Farm will be charging a $5 parking fee per car, which will be payable when you enter the farm. Please make sure to bring $5 cash (exact change please!), so they can keep the flow going. And since parking at Kruger's Farm is not unlimited (about 500 cars max.), we strongly encourage you to carpool with friends or even better, ride over to the farm on your bike.

3) Food, Beer and Other Goodies:
As always, we'll make sure to take good care of our racers and spectators and make it more than just a race. Salvador Molly's will be at hand to serve gourmet food (incl. hot chili, brats, pretzels and salads). They will also serve serve locally brewed beer (Laurelwood organic red and golden!). Throughout the day, Kruger's Farm Market will be serving FREE Nossa Familia coffee in the farm store and they will also sell hot cider and sodas. In addition, everything in their store will be 20% off, including their popular baskets from Ghana, which make excellent Christmas gifts. To top it off we'll have a bonfire, Cyclosportif's ever-popular waffle stand and FREE karaoke, brought to you by the fine folks at Cyclepath.

4) Awards and FREE Raffle:
In good tradition, we will end the event with awards for Cat A Men and Women and a free raffle for all racers and volunteers. We have some great prizes, including:
- headsets and other cool bike bling, courtesy of perennial local bike race sponsor Chris King.
- gift certificates, donated by Portland's very own Bike Gallery.
- an assortment of Kona beer glasses, a super-cool Kona Longboard, and - our grand prize - a Kona Unit 2-9 singlespeed frame!
We will also have some goodies at hand from our other sponsors Clif Bar and Laurelwood.
Thank you sponsors!

That's it. If you have any questions, check our web site or just shoot me an e-mail. I am looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at the farm. Let's have a party!


Cyclocross Mag said...

that's a sweet course feature. did it get used? was it an option or mandatory? so cool. love the course creativity of the portland scene.

dave g said...

and as i read this im drinking Nossa Familia coffee as a result of particpating in krugers cross the past two years. great fun..

link is to some pixs from the US Grand Prix held in portland back in december... as a novice, it was great to see all the elite riders..!