Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad ass deeeeeeep cross brake hanger

Not my auction, but a pretty bad ass front hanger on Ebay right now. We discussed this on RBR a few years ago when someone asked what hanger Bart Wellens was running. Now you can buy one. Cool.

Here's a cool pic of Wellens but not a great pic of his gold front cable hanger.

Doesnt look like he's still using it. Maybe he decided to drop a few grams?


Anonymous said...

The Fidea Team Ridley X-knights use Shimano ProPilot Bar and Stems and FSA Orbit headsets. The hs has a built in hanger.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Emailed the seller, this is his reply: "Thanks for the plug. We have gone over to do the masters cross worlds for the past 4 seasons. Not far from the venue, in Kasterlee, is the shop Wellens used to work for as a mechanic, and still gets his bikes worked on at. We make a habit of going in there every year to stock up on stuff that's hard to get. These came around about 2 seasons ago, and were sitting on Bart's bike that he won the worlds on, as well as the one that just happened to have been turned in for service that day! (We just missed seeing him). Last year, we also just missed seeing him drop off his new Ridley that had been painted in the new Belgian Champions colors. It was built and ridden in the world cup in France the very next weekend (Nommay? sp?)and was built with another one of those hangers. I don't know if he's still using them right now, but they were on most, if not all, of his bikes previously. They flex a bit because they are so long, but aren't we all trying to find ways to de-tune our front brakes from the chatter? The front brake still works very well, and the extra length is really great. Thanks, Mark"