Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adding a rear derailleur mount

Say you have a frame that doesn't have a rear dérailleur hanger. Or maybe yours broke off and you want an easy fix. A cheap/quick fix is to run one of these:

Note you might need to drill into your frame to secure it (ala the little hole in the part above, so it doesnt pivot)

It might not be elegant, but many bikes in the 80's came stocked with this part for derailleured bikes for some reason. Also, it would get you by in a pinch.

Some guy is selling them on Ebay, but I'm sure QBP or BTI or your local LBS could get you one too.

Anyone ever done this with success of failure? Reply in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I use several of these - one on a Takara road bike from the late 70's and one on a Concours that I think is mid 80's. Works well with horizontal dropouts, you just get the backing piece to it and those two sandwich around the dropout, and the little screw holds tension to keep all in place.

I've bent up a der. before bending this, but I have seen these things bent, too.

Tektite Experience said...

I am trying to reinstall one of these, but can't figure out how it was installed before. There are two wholes in my frame where the screw could go. Any way you could send a picture? My email is Much appreciated if you can!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Hey there, I’ve never seen it with two holes before.

Hopefully, this photo gives you an idea on how it mounts:

For the most part, the claw is held on by the skewer---the little screw is just for good measure.

If you are still having problems, email me a photo and perhaps I can be of greater assistance.